Web Tools


This is where I get to show some of my latest work. I have many different personal projects on the go in varying stages of completion, but for now this is my professional work for others and this application.

This is my personal website, but it is mainly a technical beta testing tool for my ASP.Net coding. Instead of writing static html for the majority of the site I have been experimenting with server side coding to automate the construction of the dynamic web pages sent to clients. Read More

This is a website for a bakery and bistro that have two locations in Ottawa. I really enjoyed this project as I was able to concentrate more on the creative side of the design and there are some great visuals of the food and desserts. I took all of the digital photos on location and edited some of the best ones for the back drops of each page to create a colourful page and to compensate for the lack of text content on the site.

The image gallery and reviews pages are dynamically rendered from the back end database and so is the information on the store locations page. This allows the website owners to easily update changeable information on their site without intervention from me. There are also a couple of simple forms but these are emailed from the application and not stored in the database on request of the customer. Read More

ecoMobility Service was a Transportation Demand Management program that facilitates better commuting options for workplaces. Unfortunately the initiative was dropped after two years due to lack of funding. The application is only floating around on my server now, but with a bit of work I may reintroduce it as a free web service.

This service uses an advanced survey tool to determine current transportation trends, attitudes and carbon emission at a workplace. A customized report is then generated which details the strategies, incentives and disincentives most likely to promote sustainable commuting. The service is then followed with workshops, seminars and motivational prompts to further encourage commuting habits that are healthier, less costly and more productive. Read More

ecoEnery is primarily a booking tool for home energy audits run by EnviroCentre. It is used to collect customer information, manage bookings and generate report's as well as scheduling the available slots and advisors. This application has been in use for a couple of years now despite funding for the initiative being cut and re-instated.

EnviroCentre is a service provider of the ecoENERGY home retrofit program in eastern Ontario. With experienced advisors to evaluate the energy-efficiency of houses, EnviroCentre helps homeowners to obtain up to $10,000 in grants from the federal and provincial governments for upgrades made. Read More

Envirocentre Website

The envirocentre website was in need of an updated look to be bring it in line with the new style of the new promotional materials and to add some much needed functionality. The static basic pages combined html with dynamic content from the mySQL database and the back end to the site allowed the updating of some key content including the staff directory and a news feed. As part of this site there were also several customer forms for submitting requests that were managed through the back end and some further additions such as the bike to work week newsletter.

The site was replaced after just over a year and was developed by another company. This was another rebranding for EnviroCentre although many of the other tools and forms were dropped from the site.